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Research Report – Ep10. Copper and MS

15 January, 2019

About this episode – Copper and MS

In this episode we speak to Dr Peter Crouch and Dr James Hilton at The University of Melbourne, who are carrying out a research project looking at the relationship between copper levels in the body and MS.

They explain how their project evolved from some research they had already carried out looking at copper levels and motor neuron disease (MND). Here they found that particular copper dependent processes are disrupted in the brain and spinal cord. Encouragingly they have a drug which can penetrate into the brain and spinal cord which can restore functionality to some of these disrupted copper dependent processes.

They are hoping that these findings are going to be readily translatable to MS and this is what their project is investigating. Watch the video to find out more.

About Dr Peter Crouch and Dr James Hilton

Dr Peter Crouch is a researcher based at The University of Melbourne who has led various research projects funded by MS Research Australia. Dr James Hilton works alongside Dr Crouch as a co-investigator on this current project and previous research projects.

Find out more on their current project: ‘A therapy to treat progressive MS

Find out more on their previous project: ‘Copper delivery as a potential treatment for MS

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