gender imbalance in MS research
20 February, 2020
The International Women in Multiple Sclerosis network [...]
brain atrophy
08 October, 2019
Brain atrophy is the shrinking of the brain, it is a [...]
08 October, 2019
Vertigo is the feeling that your surroundings are [...]
types of ms
08 October, 2019
In this MS in a Minute video, we look at the three main [...]
primary progressive ms
08 October, 2019
Primary progressive MS is characterised by worsening [...]
what is ms
08 October, 2019
MS is the result of damage to myelin - a protective [...]
latitude gradient
08 October, 2019
The latitude gradient refers to the fact that those [...]
08 October, 2019
In MS, lesions refers to an area of damage or scarring [...]
brain fog
08 October, 2019
MS-related brain fog affects many people living with [...]
central nervous system
08 October, 2019
The central nervous system (CNS) refers to the brain, [...]
clinically isolated syndrome
08 October, 2019
Clinically Isolated Syndrome is diagnosed when a person [...]
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