Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a wonderful way for businesses to display a sense of corporate and social responsibility by committing to a cause that their employee’s really care about.

This low-cost and low-effort method of fundraising requires employees to give small, regular donations from their salary, pre-tax. These donations are processed through a business’ payroll department on the behalf of the employee and allows the employee to receive an immediate tax benefit, rather than at the end of the financial year.

Workplace giving platforms have been so successful in the past as it is mutually beneficial for all parties:

  • Employers gain better staff engagement and overall workplace morale.
  • Employees receive a tax benefit and pride in their employer.
  • Charities get reliable regular funds and access to create strong corporate partnerships

If your employer hasn’t got a workplace giving scheme in place, we encourage you to contact either of these specialist online platforms: Good2Give, 1million donorsGood Company and Benojo who specialise in supporting employers to implement a workplace giving scheme.

If you would like to find out more about supporting MS Research Australia through workplace giving, please call the team on 1300 356 467 or email.

Workplace giving
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