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Leave a Gift in your Will

You can help gift the next generation a world without MS

Your legacy will get us closer to a cure.

We are the only charity dedicated solely on MS research. And your gift – no matter the size – will be incredibly valuable in accelerating this research both locally and globally.

“MS is a complex, confusing and confronting disease that takes a toll on those living with the disease, their families, friends and carers. In such a short amount of time, we’ve seen remarkable progress for the majority of people living with MS and this will exponentially increase over the next 5 years. Our goal is to ensure that everyone living with MS benefits from this incredible progress and not just some”  says MS Research Australia CEO, Dr Matthew Miles.

By leaving this special gift, you will transform the lives of everyone affected by MS.

Why you might consider leaving a gift

“It’s quite rewarding knowing you’re going to help people in life. You don’t want somebody else to go through what you’ve gone through.” – George Saliba, diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago

“I want to do whatever little bit I can to aid research in its endeavours” – Maureen Hillman, Kiss Goodbye to MS supporter

“It would be lovely if the money I leave is the actual dollar which flicks the switch… I’m determined to provide funds for research so the future can be brighter”– Gilli Barnard, has lived with MS for over 40 years

How you can leave a gift in your Will

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will. Anyone can do it.

You may choose to give:

A percentage

A percentage or share of your estate alongside allowing for loved ones. For example, you could leave 10% of your total wealth. This allows for growth or depreciation in value of your estate.

A residual

A residual gift is the remainder (or share of the remainder) of your estate after your other finances have been settled.

A specific bequest

A specified sum of cash. However, this does not allow for changes of circumstance or inflation. It can also include a gift of real estate, stocks, bonds, shares, artwork, jewellery etc.

We recommend discussing your intentions with your loved ones first and engaging a solicitor when writing or amending your Will.

Have you already remembered us in your Will? If so, we would love to thank you personally.

However if you prefer to remain anonymous, please know that we are extremely grateful and encouraged to know that people like you are also dedicated to our vision of a world free of MS.

Bequest wording

‘I bequeath to Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Limited (ABN:34 008 581 431) for its general purposes, ……..(please include your bequest option here)………. and I direct that the receipt of the Chief Executive Officer or Secretary of such organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee for the payment of such benefit.’

We would love to hear from you

For a friendly chat, or to receive a copy of our Gift in Willis brochure, please feel free to call our Gifts in Wills team:

Nicki Grant, Gifts in Wills and Planned Giving Manager, 02 8413 7927
Neil Robertson, Planned Giving and Relationship Coordinator, 02 8413 7908

Alternatively, please fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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Thank you so much for your interest in leaving a gift to MS Research Australia in your Will. Please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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