Online Mindfulness for People with MS

Ms Amy-Lee Sesel

The University of Sydney, NSW

| Better treatments | Social And Applied Research | Scholarship | 2018 | Investigator Led Research |


People with MS are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than the rest of the community. These symptoms are associated with increased relapse rates and decreased quality of life.

During her PhD studies, Ms Amy Sesel, will develop and evaluate a web based psychological program. Online based treatments are cost-effective and allow greater access to people that live remotely and those with impaired mobility. Firstly, she will conduct focus groups to determine what the psychological needs of people with MS are. Based on these results she will develop a program and then evaluate its effectiveness.

During these studies Ms Sesel will determine if she can reduce fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety experienced by people with MS.

Updated: 03 January, 2018


  • Ms Amy-Lee Sesel, The University of Sydney, NSW


  • Professor Louise (Ann) Sharpe, The University of Sydney, NSW

Grant Awarded

  • Postgraduate Scholarship

Total Funding

  • $60,000


  • 2 years over 2018 - 2019

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