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Creating new methods to analyse nutrition of persons with MS

Dr Yasmine Probst

University of Wollongong, NSW

| Better treatments | Social And Applied Research | Incubator | 2019 | Investigator Led Research |


MS is a complex disease and the onset and course of the disease may be influenced by many factors. This may include special dietary concerns. The growth in data about the diets of people with MS has improved our understanding of the relationships between some dietary factors and disease (e.g. vitamin D, fatty acids). However, further research is needed to help strengthen these findings and determine new diet-disease relationships. Research on persons with MS to date has largely focussed on looking at large groups of individuals (cohort studies) rather than clinical trials, and has used designs and tools confirmed for use in the general population and not specifically for MS.

This research project aims to improve on the current diet research to provide better methods to explore dietary relationships, specifically in MS. Dr Yasmine Probst aims to increase the strength and accuracy of the data available to help increase our understanding of the role that dietary factors might play in MS.

The methods developed in this project will be further tested by applying it to data from USA and New Zealand. Adapting and validating the methods to use country-specific food data will ensure best practice is followed and that studies from different countries can be easily compared. Outcomes from this research may help in the development of measureable dietary guidelines to support the management of MS.

Updated: 23 January 2019

Updated: 02 January, 2019

Stages of the research process

Fundamental laboratory

Laboratory research that investigates scientific theories behind the possible causes, disease progression, ways to diagnose and better treat MS.

Lab to clinic timeline: 10+ years

Research that builds on fundamental scientific research to develop new therapies, medical procedures or diagnostics and advances it closer to the clinic.

Lab to clinic timeline: 5+ years
Clinical Studies
and Clinical Trials

Clinical research is the culmination of fundamental and translational research turning those research discoveries into treatments and interventions for people with MS.

Lab to clinic timeline: 1-5 years



Grant Awarded

  • Incubator Grant

Total Funding

  • $24,969


  • 1 year - starting 2019

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