Safe as houses, a wise investment towards a cure for MS

20 March, 2019

Recently MS Research Australia benefitted from the sale of a suburban house as a result of a generous supporter including us in her Will.

Her wonderful generosity to leave a percentage of her Estate (residual) rather than a fixed amount (pecuniary) to MS Research Australia has ensured that the value of the final contribution has substantially increased from the original point in time when she prepared her Will. This is mainly due to the increase in property values over time.

The increasing trend of including a gift in your Will to a favourite charity is providing charities across the nation with critical, much needed financial support. We encourage our supporters to consider including MS Research Australia in their Will when it comes time to update it or draw up a new one with the assistance of your chosen legal professional. The generous decision our Melbourne supporter made by leaving a percentage of her Estate will enable MS Research Australia to fund another vital MS research project, putting her legacy to work and driving forward the mission to eradicate this disease.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a great way to support MS Research Australia, the largest national funder of vital MS research. All gifts no matter how large or small can make a difference and we always encourage you to keep your loved ones as the highest priority and keep them informed of your intentions of leaving a gift in your Will towards your chosen charity. Any charitable gifts in Wills of property, stocks and shares are exempt from capital gains tax which is a benefit to all involved.

Gifts in Wills can be very unique and not always a residual or pecuniary nature. Some collectors of art or jewellery have left valuable pieces to their charity of choice. Also funds are allocated to MS Research Australia from a family trust or a private ancillary fund, which has sometimes been set up to administer philanthropic giving to Deductible Gift Registered organisations.

Research has revealed that only 7% of Australians who are considering leaving a gift in their Will to a chosen charity, will actually do so. The impact of donating or leaving a valuable gift in a Will to MS Research Australia cannot be overstated as it will contribute to the worldwide collaboration to ultimately stop and reverse the effects of MS.

If you have chosen or are thinking about nominating MS Research Australia in your Will, please do let us know of this important decision by contacting:

Neil Robertson, Relationship and Planned Giving Coordinator on 1300 356 467 or

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