To our donors, with love

21 April, 2020

What we do now will pave the way for the future once this pandemic has subsided. And what you’re doing is nothing short of wonderful.

You – our donors and supporters – are the engine keeping us going. You are the reason MS research can and will continue in these challenging times.

Last year, just 5% of our funding came from government. The rest came from you. Last year your support funded $4.5m of dedicated MS research.

In fact, right now you’re fuelling 47 different research projects and every breakthrough that comes with them. None of this happens without you.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Whether you donated once or remember us with a gift every week or month; whether you’re busily organising a Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraiser, or encouraging wellness in your workplace by joining 12,000 others in The May 50K; every effort, every donation, small or large, adds up. We applaud you.

As we navigate this time of uncertainty and adjust to a new way of life, connection is more important than ever before.

Here at MS Research Australia, we’re constantly encouraged by the unwavering support of the MS community to fund life-changing research. In the face of adversity, we’re even more heartened. You’re still here. And because you’re still here, we’re still here. Our connection is strong, and the research continues.

Your compassion keeps us going, it keeps MS researchers working and people living with MS remaining confident in a future free from MS. The current state of the world has made us all recalibrate. But with the support of people like you, MS research will continue.

Again – thank you. Thank you so much. By powering research through the good times and bad, you’re helping unlock the mysteries of MS. You’re helping develop more treatments. You’re giving MS researchers the best shot at finding the next breakthrough and taking them one step closer to a cure. You did that. You are our heroes. THANK YOU!

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