Thank you Dr Elizabeth McDonald

26 March, 2018

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr Elizabeth McDonald as she steps down from her role as Chair of the Social and Applied Research Sub-Committee of the MS Research Australia Research Management Council.

Dr McDonald has served on the Australian MS research grant review panels for well over 20 years following an original invitation from John Studdy, the Chairman of the then National MS Society of Australia. When the Society’s National MS Research Foundation became incorporated as the independently run MS Research Australia, she continued on to the new organisation’s Research Management Council (RMC).

Dr McDonald’s expertise in the care and management of people with MS and her enormous commitment to ensuring the best quality research is funded in Australia has been absolutely invaluable in building Australia’s capacity for MS research – particularly in the areas of rehabilitation, allied health and symptom management for people with MS.

Dr Elizabeth McDonald is a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and served as the Medical Director for MS Limited (ACT/NSW/VIC/TAS) for many years. In addition, she also served as an Australian representative on the International Medical and Scientific Board of the MS International Federation (MSIF), providing her expertise on the Editorial Board of MSIF’s regular publication “MS In Focus”. Her own research interests have focussed on the impact of MS, including physical impairments, the role of exercise, sexuality, quality of life and the economic burden of MS.

Dr Matthew Miles, CEO of MS Research Australia said, “Dr McDonald’s expertise and wise counsel has ensured that we have maintained a social and applied research grant review panel with the correct expertise to review the diverse applications we receive in this area. She has led this team with great strength and integrity to ensure these applications receive a thorough and fair review to select the strongest applications with the greatest potential to make a difference for people living with MS.”

Dr McDonald will continue to serve as the Chair of the Steering Committee of MS Research Australia’s longest running collaborative research platform, the Australian MS Longitudinal Study. Long term member of the Social and Applied Research Sub-Committee of the RMC, Associate Professor Jennifer McGinley, will replace Dr McDonald as Acting Chair.

Thank you Liz for your incredible service, your warmth and your passion for supporting people with MS through research!


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