Research Report – Ep18. How technology is revolutionising the monitoring of MS

21 September, 2019

About this episode – How technology is revolutionising the monitoring of MS

In this episode we speak to Dr Scott Kolbe from Monash University whose is looking at how developments in technology have opened up a number of possibilities, especially in improving the efficiency of monitoring MS.

Dr Kolbe’s research is focused on making new ways of tracking MS. This could be through looking at parts of the brain with an MRI scanner, looking at a person’s walking and balance changes over time using video tracking and balance boards, plus monitoring other aspects of the disease such as cognition using cognition testing and tracking peoples’ eyes while they’re doing different things.  He is hoping that with all of this information and advanced computer technology, our ability to track and predict what’s going to happen to a person with MS over the course of their disease will be improved.

Watch the video to find out more.

About Dr Scott Kolbe

Dr Scott Kolbe is a researcher based at Monash University.

Dr Kolbe has previously carried out research funded by MS Research Australia and more recently supervised the work of Ms Sanuji Gajamange (mentioned in this video) throughout her project ‘Validating a MRI measure for axonal degeneration in MS‘.

You can read about the exciting findings of this research in our recent article ‘Changes in brain activity in people with CIS‘.

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