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Motivated to support research into MS

05 December, 2018

The festive season is a time to celebrate life with loved ones and give thought to how we plan to live our dreams with those we cherish most, over the coming year.

Dr Paul Yates is a passionate supporter of MS Research Australia and he has kindly agreed to share the inspiring story of his much loved daughter Dr Felicity Prylis, and their journey together in the fight against her MS. It is through the support of generous donors like Dr Yates that MS Research Australia can continue to fund research that will solve MS. Please send a gift to MS Research Australia today so that families like the Yates family can continue to live out their dreams together.

Dr Paul Yates and his daughter, Dr Felicity Prylis

From Dr Paul Yates…

“I was a general practitioner in the inner Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove for over 43 years. Particularly in the early years of practice, my experience of MS was usually of a debilitating relentlessly progressive disease, with a poor outcome. Meanwhile my daughter Felicity was enjoying great success following her dreams and my own career into medicine. Felicity outshone me academically, qualifying as a specialist physician in the shortest possible time. My wife and I could not have been more proud. Then in 2005 Felicity was diagnosed with MS. It seemed a devastating blow to all of us.

Fortunately it has not turned out that way. Modern treatments, developed by medical research, mean that Felicity has had no manifestations of disease since the initial diagnosis, and she has negligible symptoms and no disability. Her specialist career has been fulfilling and successful, she has enjoyed the support of her husband Alex, and they have presented us with two magnificent grandchildren. All of this has been made possible by research into the search for better treatments and a cure for MS.

We feel strongly motivated to support MS Research Australia, of course because of Felicity’s condition, but also for the many other patients, many of them young women, in a similar position. Felicity’s good outcomes have only strengthened our enthusiasm to support MS Research Australia. MS Research Australia funds research into the causes, effects and management of MS.

There has already been great success in the area of containing established disease, but what is yet to be done is to provide a strategy to prevent the disease altogether. The understanding of the role of Epstein Barr virus (EBV) in the causation of MS is a prominent success of MS Research Australia’s sponsored research in Australia, and development of effective prevention of EBV infection in young people may represent a massive advance in prevention.

MS Research Australia needs ongoing funding and support, until the moment is reached when this cruel disease is beaten. As a medical practitioner and especially a father and a grand-father, I encourage you to support MS Research today.”

With your generous gift, together we can fund research, change the lives of people with MS just like Felicity and ultimately find a cure. Donate at or call 1300 356 467 and help those with MS and their families live out their dreams.

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