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Research Report – Ep13. Stem cells

11 April, 2019

About this episode – Stem cells

In this episode we speak to Dr Natalie Payne at Monash University who is carrying out a project looking at engineering stem cells to hopefully develop a new novel way of treating MS.

The cells types she is using are either pluripotent stem cells or multipotent adult stem cells and are targeted towards trying to modulate the immune system, as well as protect cells within the central nervous system (CNS) from damage and promote repair within the CNS by endogenous stem cells.

In this video Dr Payne outlines the research project in more detail and discusses her approach of modifying the DNA of stem cells to hopefully make a more effective cell therapy.

Watch the video to find out more.

About Dr Natalie Payne

Dr Natalie Payne is a researcher based at Monash University in Victoria.

Find out more on her MS Research Australia funded project ‘Treating MS with cell and gene therapy’.

What is the Research Report video series?

MS Research Australia’s Research Report is a series dedicated to exploring and explaining research happening into MS in Australia and around the world.

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