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Research Development Coordinator at MS Research Australia

03 March, 2014

Dr Julia Morahan

Dr Julia Morahan has a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Neurology and Genetics undertaken at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

Following her PhD, which investigated the neurodegenerative condition Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Julia was funded by MND Australia to undertake a postdoctoral fellowship to look at genetic and environmental factors in the development of disease. In 2009, Julia switched her focus to MS and became the first recipient of a joint MS Research Australia – MS UK Fellowship, supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation, to work at the University of Oxford with Professor George Ebers. Julia joined MS Research Australia as the Research Development Coordinator upon her return to Sydney in 2012.

At MS Research Australia, with her colleagues, Julia coordinates the MS Research Australia platforms and communicates research news from the Australian and international MS community. Julia also coordinates the activities of the MS Research Australia Brain Bank based at the University of Sydney.

‘I am thrilled to be part of MS Research Australia’, says Julia, ‘and feel that at this exciting time for MS research, the job of translating research findings for the MS community is an important one’.

‘Having come from the MS research community myself, it has put me in great stead to keep track of all the progress being made and understand where it fits in the scheme of our understanding of MS. It has also been great to remain in touch with the research community through working with the national collaborative platforms at MS Research Australia’.

‘As part of my previous positions, I worked alongside the Brain Bank at the University of Sydney and also made use of brain tissue for my epigenetic studies in MND. As such, I am very aware of how important this resource is for researchers and also am continually amazed at the commitment and generosity of the family members of donors to proceed with brain donation at what is such a difficult time for them. Working with people with MS to register them for the MS Research Australia Brain Bank and growing the amount of quality research facilitated through the MS Research Brain Bank has been very rewarding.’

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