Rachel is doing The May 50K for her daughters

14 April, 2020

When Rachel was diagnosed with MS in 2016, she was a young mum of two beautiful daughters and her whole future as she saw it changed. Although Rachel’s diagnosis came as a massive shock, with the support of her family and partner she got through it and has found a new appreciation for life.

rachel is doing the may 50k“My family all took the news differently, but they never stopped supporting me through this crazy journey. It was hard for my daughters to understand why mummy was at hospital a lot, they were only 4 and 6 at the time.”

Since her diagnosis, Rachel is determined to help raise funds for life-changing MS research. In 2019, she completed The May 50K by walking 59km throughout the month and raising an incredible $3,193 for vital MS research – and she has already signed up again for this year! For Rachel, the challenge is a great way to stay active and healthy, as regular exercise helps bring small relief to the symptoms that she’s experiencing.

But it’s not just her own health driving Rachel to participate. Her two daughters are the main reason why she’s decided to take part again. Both have developed a greater understanding for her MS over the years and support their mum when she gets her ‘wobbly legs’ again by slowing down and holding her hands. They’ve been ‘little super stars’ through it all, Rachel says, and she wants their future to look different.

“Every dollar raised for research means that hopefully one day my girls will live in a world without this cruel disease.”


Rachel wants to help leave MS where it belongs – behind us.

MS greatly affects young women, with three out of four people diagnosed being female and an average age of diagnosis between 20–40 years old. Unfortunately, young women like Rachel often get diagnosed in the prime of their lives, when their careers are taking off or they’re thinking about starting a family.

At MS Research Australia, it’s our mission to accelerate research into the prevention, better treatments and cures for MS to improve the quality of life for people like Rachel – but we can’t do it without your help.

Join Rachel and thousands of walkers and runners in The May 50K next month by challenging yourself to run or walk 50km throughout May to prioritise your health whilst raising funds for life-changing MS research.

The May 50K is a virtual fitness and fundraising challenge. You can complete the challenge on your own and anywhere in Australia.

Register now or head to themay50k.org/how-it-works for more information.

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