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New Podcast – ECTRIMS 2019 – Day 3

16 September, 2019

About this episode

Dr Julia Morahan discusses the key takeaways from day three of the ECTRIMS annual congress which included a focus on registries and what can be learned from big data sets across different populations, treatment strategies and maximising patient benefits over the long-term, plus identifying biomarkers to predict outcomes in people with MS to help guide treatment decisions.

Dr Morahan explains some of the key highlights which included the outcomes of some early stage clinical trials which show really promising results. One study leading on from the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) work Professor Michael Pender published last year, involved a similar technique but using ‘off-the-shelf’ immune cells to target EBV, rather than patients’ own cells.

About this podcast

Dr Julia Morahan, MS Research Australia’s Head of Research, is currently at the ECTRIMS annual congress being held in Stockholm, Sweden. In this podcast she speaks to Dr Hamish Campbell, MS Research Australia’s Deputy Head of Research, about the key information coming out of this important event.


The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) has served as Europe’s and the world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to the understanding and treatment of MS. The ECTRIMS annual congress takes place in a different city each year and brings together 10,000 MS experts from across the globe to share new knowledge and discuss many aspects of MS.

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