new funding for 2019 grants

Over $1.75 million in new funding for 2019 grants

23 January, 2019

MS Research Australia is delighted to announce over $1.75 million in research funding for grants commencing in January 2019.

The twenty new grants will run for the next one to three years and include innovative pilot studies on novel areas of research funded through our small Incubator Grants, as well as major bodies of work supported by larger Project Grants.

Several Scholarships, Fellowships and Travel Awards will help grow the Australian MS research workforce, and support and strengthen the crucial international collaborations that ensure a cohesive global approach to defeating MS.

It is exciting this year to see an increased number of strong grants funded in the area of nutrition and lifestyle factors in MS, an area of significant interest to many in the MS community. As well as a broad range of projects targeting myelin repair and new methods to better track disease progression so that we can improve the clinical testing of MS medications for progressive forms of MS. Projects that will bring us a deeper understanding of how our genes contribute to MS and projects that help to find methods to predict treatment responses are also included.

As always, these grants were selected through our competitive and highly rigorous peer review process which is overseen by our Research Management Council. This process ensures that projects and researchers of the highest quality and with the very greatest potential to make a difference for people living with MS, now and in the future, are supported in their work.

Every year, some strong applications still do miss out on funding, and this is simply due to the availability of funds. Nevertheless, we are hugely grateful to the MS community, particularly our Kiss Goodbye to MS army, our valuable funding partners, such as the Trish MS Research Foundation, Trusts, Foundations, private philanthropists, corporate partners and people who have remembered us in their will – every contribution, large and small, has contributed to making this funding happen. With more support we can fund more research and make more progress, faster! Our goal is to grow the number of researchers working on MS in Australia and provide more funding to support Australian researchers in the areas where they have the greatest strengths to contribute to the global efforts to solve MS.

These new grants are doing just that and we are excited to see the results of their efforts coming through over the next few years.

You can read about all twenty of the new grants and the other ongoing research projects here.

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