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21 September, 2016
Two inspirational stories bring support to others living with MS.

MS Xplained is a free, innovative resource aimed at explaining complicated disease information to patients and their families through storytelling. It follows the journey of two real patients and breaks down what multiple Sclerosis (MS) is, explains treatment options, as well as side effects and psychological issues.

Available online at, Google Play and iTunes. MS Xplained features the stories of Astrid and Melissa, strangers that were brought together because of their MS and their desire to share their stories and help others.

‘I was so excited to see the finished product and absolutely love the app. I think that this is such a powerful tool and would have found it extremely useful when I was first diagnosed 5 years ago‘, says Melissa. She continued to say ‘I think that the app will provide the newly diagnosed and their families with a source of comfort and a reference point that they will access frequently.’

MS Xplained has been developed and collaborated with input from patients, neurologists, researchers, nurses, MS Australia and MS Research Australia and is sponsored by Novartis Australia.

‘We are delighted to welcome the release of the app. The time just after diagnosis can be confusing and uncertain and we are sure that MS Xplained will assist people to better understand this complex condition in a really accessible way’ said CEO of MS Australia, Deidre Mackechnie.

Jeannette Lechner-Scott, Senior Staff Specialist at John Hunter Hospitals Department of Neurology sees the value in MS Xplained, ‘Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is such a turning point in one’s life. To live with the uncertainty of this chronic disease can cause severe anxiety and be disruptive to relationships and family. People with MS who take control, I found over the years of being a MS specialist, have a much better disease course and quality of life. The first step of this process is to fully understand what is going on within your body. This app helps to visualise the complex process and hopefully can answer most questions that people with MS have when they have to carry this burden through their life.’

‘MS Research Australia was pleased to work with Medicine X on this valuable and factual resource which will be incredibly useful for people diagnosed with MS and their families. Developing it as an app is the perfect medium especially as our society is increasingly becoming digitally savvy’ said Dr Matthew Miles, CEO of MS Research Australia.

Dr Kim Chilman-Blair, Founder and CEO of Medicine X, the organisation that worked with Astrid and Melissa to tell their stories, believes that storytelling is the best way for patients to understand and retain information in order to make serious decisions about their treatment.

‘Around 80 per cent of medical information provided by doctors is forgotten straight away. MS Xplained is designed to fill these gaps in a creative and powerful way,’ Dr Chilman-Blair said.

Note: MS Xplained is a free resource available for all Australians, is sponsored by Novartis Australia and was developed in collaboration with MS Australia and MS Research Australia. For further information, please visit

About Medicine X

Medicine X is an organisation dedicated to developing jargon-free, visual and interactive patient resources. The organisation advocates that people best learn through visual mediums, that utilise colour, humour, interaction and storytelling. Medical experts, and relevant medical bodies and institutions contribute to each Medicine X application to ensure the stories feature current and holistic medical information. The stories are peer reviewed and shared with focus groups of people with the condition. From there, the graphic-novel-esque art is developed by some of the world’s most respected storytelling illustrators and interactive digital designers.

This release is issued by Medicine X.

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