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New resource MS Xplained launches

07 February, 2019

MS Research Australia and MS Australia have teamed up with Medicine X to develop an innovative, free story-telling resource aimed at helping Australians understand MS. This new resource is a website called MS Xplained.

Who is Medicine X?

Medicine X was founded by a doctor who realised that many patients were confused about their diagnosis, conditions and treatments. By connecting doctors with the world’s best storytellers and artists, a more straightforward way to communicate medical issues to the patient and their families was born. Making medical knowledge understandable for all is the main aim of Medicine X.

What is the purpose of MS Xplained?

MS Xplained has been developed to translate complicated ‘doctor speak’ into interesting and engaging language so everyone can have access to medical information they can understand. The website aims to educate those who are newly diagnosed or living with MS on their diagnosis, treatment options and the impact MS may have on their lifestyle.

A significant proportion of medical information provided by doctors is often forgotten shortly after an appointment and with so much to learn and understand about MS, it can be difficult for patients to get their head around it. It is also a useful resource for family and friends of people with MS as it can help everyone fully understand what is going on in the comfort of their own home with more time and space to digest the information.

How does MS Xplained work?

MS Xplained follows the journey of a character called Sommer following her sudden diagnosis of MS. It explains what MS is, symptoms, treatment options and how MS might affect a person’s life.

Sommer’s symptoms began with headaches and tingling ‘pins and needles’ in her legs and sudden blurry vision, which led to a diagnosis of MS. MS Xplained explains how Sommer worked with her neurologist who helped her try different treatments until she found one that works for her.

By explaining many of the scenarios and questions that people living with MS may have through the character of Sommer, the information is more easily digestible and relatable.

Empowering the patient

Cathryn Corcoran CEO at Medicine X, says being diagnosed with MS can be overwhelming. “MS Xplained provides information in a way that is easy to understand and digest for both those diagnosed and their family and friends.”

“It’s often difficult to know where to turn when you’re first diagnosed. I hope this type of resource can really make a difference to help people with MS understand a diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t go on to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.”

MS Research Australia CEO, Dr Matthew Miles agrees, “MS Xplained really empowers a person who has been diagnosed with MS to get to know more about the condition in their own time, away from the medical environment and translated in a way they can relate to.”

“The character Sommer helps explain that people living with MS can still work, travel and have children – facts which are backed-up by our research.”

Visit MS Xplained.

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