MS researcher inducted as Fellow of Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

18 October, 2016

MS Research Australia congratulates Professor Trevor Kilpatrick who was inducted as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences at their annual meeting on 6 October 2016.

Professor Kilpatrick is the Director of the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute at the University of Melbourne, an internationally recognised MS neurologist and very active MS researcher.

To be elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Health and Medical Science one must have distinguished professional achievements, displayed outstanding leadership and have significant ongoing involvement in health care, prevention of disease, education, research, health services policy and delivery. Fellows are also nationally and internationally renowned for their excellence in medical and health science, raise public understanding or appreciation of medical and health science and have provided continued conspicuous service to medical and health science.

Professor Kilpatrick’s contribution to the treatment and care of people with MS and to MS research has been enormous. He has advanced basic neuroscience and clinical neurology through several important discoveries, including how interactions between neurons and myelin producing cells are established and maintained in the brain and how those interactions are disrupted by multiple sclerosis.  He identified neural stem cells, and investigated how they respond to growth factors and this work has also led to the identification of new therapeutic candidates that may help to promote neural protection and myelin repair in MS and other neurological disorders. He has also been instrumental in the identification of key genetic and environmental factors that contribute to risk of MS, providing insights into its causes and biology.

Professor Kilpatrick has played key roles in the activities of MS Research Australia over the last twelve years, including through our research governance committees via the Research Management Council (grant review panel) and International Research Review Board. He has been an active and leading member in many national collaborative research platforms supported by MS Research Australia including the ANZgene MS genetics consortium, the PrevANZ vitamin D MS prevention trial, AusImmune and the Clinical Trials Network.

Thank you Professor Kilpatrick for your continuing efforts to improve treatment and care for people living with MS.

We also congratulation other researchers who are active in the fields of MS and autoimmune disease including Professor Simon Gandevia and Professor Robert Herbert of Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney, Professor Fabienne Mackay of the University of Melbourne and Professor Ian Wicks of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne.

We congratulate all the new Fellows of the Academy and look forward to their continued championing of health and medical research in Australia.

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