MS research in cyber space

12 December, 2019

A great way to stay up-to-date on the latest progress in MS research is by joining us in cyber-space for our live-streamed events.

True to form, almost 900 of you tuned in to our Live Update on Saturday 2 November to hear the latest from a selection of international and home-grown MS research experts.

You joined us from all over Australia and around the world with people live streaming from as far afield as the UK, Spain, Mexico, Kuwait, Singapore, South Africa and the USA.

This was the first time that the fantastic Breony Heanue joined us as co-host alongside MS Research Australia’s Dr Hamish Campbell. Breony was diagnosed with MS three years ago and earlier this year used the new Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising campaign, The May 50K, as a way to tell friends about her diagnosis while raising funds for MS research.

Breony and Hamish interviewed our four expert speakers on topics including:

  • Deciphering environmental enigmas: MS risk factors explained
  • Repairing MS damage – remyelination research
  • Integrating patients with research – self-reported outcomes
  • Evolution of the Australian MS treatment landscape: where to next?

It was really insightful to get the experts’ views on your questions too. We had over 300 questions submitted prior to and during the live stream with the MS experts answering as many as possible.

We know you’re busy people and can’t always live stream on the day, so we made a recording of the event available straight away so you don’t miss out. There have been 9,000 views since the event so if you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, simply visit the progress in MS research live stream page 

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