MS Research Australia and MS Australia Facebook Pages Restricted

18 February, 2021

It is with extreme disappointment that on 18 February 2021 our MS Research Australia and MS Australia Facebook pages have been restricted as a result of Facebook’s Australian news restrictions that have been put in place. Today, Facebook has removed credible news and information sources from its Australian platform, in response to Australia’s proposed news media bargaining laws.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are deeply saddened that our primary channel for communication with the multiple sclerosis (MS) community has been restricted. Facebook is a vital platform to communicate, educate and advocate for MS and engage with the MS community.

As the national voice for people with MS and the leaders in MS research in Australia, digital communication is paramount to disperse critical information regarding COVID-19, treatments, medications, support services and several other pieces of vital information for people living with MS. By invoking this restriction on our pages, our largest platform to communicate with the MS community has been taken away.

Our team have contacted Facebook to rectify this issue and we will keep you informed of any developments moving forward. Our websites MS Research Australia and MS Australia remain active. You can also follow our Twitter (@MSResearchAust, @MS_Australia) and LinkedIn pages for vital information on MS.

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