MS Brain Health

07 September, 2017

MS Research Australia is pleased to have endorsed the MS Brain Health initiative’s work to educate people and health professionals about maximising brain health in MS.

The aim of MS Brain Health is to generate awareness about the need for radical change in the management of MS as time matters at every stage of the disease. The initiative came about after the release of an evidence-based international consensus report, ‘Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis’. This report outlines a clear and comprehensible strategy to assist people with MS to maximise their ‘brain health’ in order to prevent and/or better manage the impacts of MS.

The MS Brain Health website is an excellent resource for both medical professionals and people living with MS to gain a better knowledge of MS and how to manage it. The website is broken up into six major sections:

By arming people with this knowledge MS Brain Health hopes to help people and healthcare providers to make educated decisions about their own or another’s MS.

At the core of the initiative MS Brain Health wants to give people the tools to help them understand how to preserve tissue in the central nervous system and maximise lifelong brain health by reducing disease activity through both clinical and lifestyle strategies, therefore achieving the best possible outcomes for people with MS and those who care for them.

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