Modifiable Lifestyle Factors in MS

18 April, 2018

MS Research Australia is very excited to be bringing together experts from all corners of the MS community to hold a research workshop on the role of modifiable lifestyle factors in MS.

Following the results of the 2016 community survey on the priorities for MS research, it became clear that lifestyle factors in MS was a common thread that ran through all the priorities identified for MS research. This was particularly the case for preventing MS and for preventing the progression of MS.

These lifestyle factors typically include diet, environmental exposures, exercise and stress. They are frequently the things that people with MS can take control of themselves and are anxious to have the best information available on how they can do this.

As a result, MS Research Australia felt that bringing together researchers and experts of all kinds to discuss the current knowledge and challenges for research in this area would be the best way to accelerate progress and promote collaboration to improve outcomes for people with MS.

This workshop will be attended by clinicians, allied health professionals, people living with MS, MS organisations and researchers from other disease fields to explore the potential role for modification of lifestyle in preventing MS onset, preventing disease activity and disability progression, and improving overall quality of life.

The workshop is set to include an impressive list of speakers and delegates from around the world including physical activity expert Dr Rob Motl from the University of Alabama, USA, dementia researcher Professor Kaarin Anstey from University of NSW, epidemiologist Professor Robyn Lucas from ANU, Professor George Jelinek from the University of Melbourne and Professor Terry Wahls from the University of Iowa, USA – just to name a few. Funded by a generous grant from Novartis Australia, the exciting event will allow both research professionals and other members of the MS community the opportunity to come together to share their expertise and experiences and discuss topics such as nutrition, wellness, physical activity and MS risk factors.

The goal will be to identify both the opportunities and the challenges in this field of research and determine a way forward through the best research methods, projects and collaborations to build pressure for action to improve outcomes for people living with MS. Dr Lisa Melton, Head of Research at MS Research Australia said, “We wish to explore how we can capitalise on our Australian strengths and international connections to extend our current knowledge. We need to translate the current evidence we have on MS risk factors into effective interventions to improve outcomes and quality of life for people with MS.”

This workshop is being held early May 2018, and we look forward to bringing you the highlights and outcomes from MS Research Australia’s Modifiable Lifestyle Factors in MS workshop.

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