Meet Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador Mez Gallifuoco

26 March, 2018

Mez has been involved with Kiss Goodbye to MS since the campaign began. Over the years we have wondered, many times, how she does it all. She has a science degree, is a director in a successful business, is a blogger, she’s a Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador and she still has time to be our in-kind expert digital consultant.

Diagnosed with MS when she was 18, she handles her illness with grace. She is honest about the scary times, telling us last year that sometimes thinking about her future causes a whole host of emotions.

“I fluctuate with how I feel about my future. Sometimes I’m very confident about it and positive. And there are times when that becomes difficult to maintain.”

Being involved with Kiss Goodbye to MS has been a huge factor in maintaining a positive approach to living well with MS. Mez puts her trust in research, that with increased funding we will find the answers for MS. Which is why she chooses to be involved with Kiss Goodbye to MS, raising funds for ongoing research into MS.

While having MS isn’t easy, embedding herself in the positive community that is Kiss Goodbye to MS has made all the difference. Since being diagnosed with MS 12 years ago her life has had a layer of complexity that most 20-somethings don’t have to deal with. But while she has her down moments, most of the time she is inspiring and empowering other people who are living with MS.

Mez has wisdom well beyond her years. She articulates that the hardest thing about having MS is the loss of power, the sense of having no control over your body. A sentiment echoed by many people who have MS. For Mez, supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS is her way of doing something to control how her future will look – that by raising funds, more MS research will be able to be undertaken. For Mez, arming herself with knowledge is her answer to controlling this uncontrollable disease.

“I learned all I could about not only my disease, but how to become resilient in the face of such a thing.” Kiss Goodbye to MS not only raises more than $1 million for MS research each year, it is a community that supports and uplifts each other. We are inundated with messages of thanks to all of our fundraisers and donors on Facebook, and we often receive emails of gratitude directed to our researchers. Mez feels the same.

“When I hear about the work being done by fundraisers for Kiss Goodbye to MS I feel so much gratitude for them.” And the feeling is mutual. We are so grateful for all of our community who not only raise funds but also volunteer, donate and support us on social media! Join us in 2018 to help us raise $1.3 million for MS Research Australia, we have a feeling it will be our biggest year ever.

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