Research Report – Ep15. Measuring brain volume in MS using MRI

27 June, 2019

About this episode – Measuring brain volume in MS using MRI

In this episode we speak to Dr Ai-Lan Nguyen who is carrying out a project measuring brain volume in MS using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

She is using MRI to investigate whether changes in brain volume can be used in the clinic to detect whether treatments are working or not, even in the absence of relapses.

Watch the video to find out more.

About Dr Ai-Lan Nguyen

Dr Ai-Lan Nguyen is a researcher and neurologist based at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and is concurrently working on her PhD at The University of Melbourne.

Find out more about her MS Research Australia funded project ‘Predicting and monitoring the long term effects of MS‘ project.

What is the Research Report video series?

MS Research Australia’s Research Report is a series dedicated to exploring and explaining research happening into MS in Australia and around the world.

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