Doctors back unconventional treatment for multiple sclerosis

16 March, 2017

MS Research Australia CEO Dr Matthew Miles

On the ABC News​ 7-30 Report last night our CEO Dr Matthew Miles featured in a report discussing the approach to the management of MS founded by Melbourne Professor George Jelinek.

Professor Jelinek’s approach consists of a strict regimen of meditation, exercise, sun exposure and a predominately vegan diet that also includes fish. While our researchers agree that adopting a holistic brain healthy lifestyle is very important, it should be done in conjunction with medication where needed and under the supervision of your healthcare providers. Until there is further evidence from research and clinical trials exploring the role of lifestyle factors in MS it is hard to exactly quantify the effectiveness of this form of MS management.

If you are considering dietary and physical activity changes please do seek advice and referrals to appropriate medical professionals to ensure that the changes are safe for your individual circumstances.

Want to learn more about the information provided in this piece? Please see our two articles on nutrition and employment.

Click here to view the report.

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