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Dr Matthew Miles at Charityworks for MS Ball

Charityworks for MS Ball in Melbourne

27 October, 2018

For well over a decade, Charityworks for MS has been supporting the best MS research in the country.

This continued in great style on Saturday night at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne where around 370 guests packed the beautiful ballroom in the name of supporting MS research.

The founder of Charityworks for MS, Lina Marrocco OAM and her crew of great supporters and committee members have always had a dedicated and unwavering focus on finding a cure for MS. This shared goal has been the basis for the strong unbreakable bond between MS Research Australia and Charityworks for MS.

Over $1.3 million has been raised over the years by Lina and her team, and through MS Research Australia it has been dedicated to fund quite a number of competitive and high quality MS research projects across Australia. Each project has been rigorously reviewed and assessed by MS Research Australia’s independent scientific Research Management Council and Charityworks for MS has then selected the projects it would like to fund. Everybody wins safe in the knowledge of best practice governance and the selection process.

Below are a few of the recent projects Charityworks for MS have supported;

The research that Charityworks for MS has funded over the years has seen significant breakthroughs in our understanding of MS; including research into the causes of MS right through to developing small molecules to try and repair damage to nerve cells caused by MS.

A great moment happened at the ball when Lina dedicated the night to our great MS researchers, many of whom were in the room, and two of our very best professors Helmut Butzkueven and Trevor Kilpatrick gave uplifting speeches on the night. In turn, Professor Kilpatrick dedicated it back to people living with, or affected by MS. It was eventually called a tie; in that both groups are going to help solve MS in the long run. That is why MS Research Australia’s unique “stop and reverse MS campaign” will have both groups front and centre when we work out the tactics to both stopping and reversing MS within the next 10 years.

Late into the night, I was privileged to speak to the audience and got to mention a couple of key facts. One of them stays in my mind – due to our grants being competitive and prestigious, the researchers can often secure other sources of MS funding, mainly government. This means that the money raised by Lina and her colleagues has been leveraged to in excess of $10 million in total from all sources.

An outstanding achievement built on dedication, hard work, persistence and collaboration. We salute and thank everyone involved.

Dr Matthew Miles

CEO, MS Research Australia

Follow on Twitter: @matthewwmiles

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