01 November, 2010

CCSVI at ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS)

During the 26th, European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS, ECTRIMS meeting in Gothenburg 13-16/10/2010 CCSVI was the focus of the European Charcot Foundation Symposium. Among the speakers were Dr Zamboni, Dr Zivadinov, Dr Doepp and Dr Khan who have collectively published papers that support and caution against CCSVI and its role in MS and use of the ‘Liberation Treatment’.

Dr Brack, a Manchester physicist, analysed Dr Doepp’s study, and explained the reason why the Internal Jugular and Azygous veins showed increased flow when the patient was standing. He argued that the resistance was in fact less not more, and that this resulted from a relatively high pressure in the vertebral veins.

The Chair of the session, Dr Giancarlo Comi, raised the repositioning of CCSVI as a potential influence on disease progression rather than being causal of MS. The research in favour of CCSVI continued to be confounded by the lack of any other research group to independently validate Dr Zamboni’s diagnostic criteria for CCSVI in People with MS.

Dr Zamboni was questioned on his use of the term ‘Liberation Treatment’ and its potential to misrepresent the role of CCSVI amongst People with MS. He responded by saying that Liberation treatment was a informal term coined by a radiologist and his use is in reference to the ‘liberation’ of blood flow during the procedure.

The final statement from the meeting and endorsed by Drs Zivadinov and Zamboni emphasised the need to first prove an association between CCSVI and MS and until that point is reached treatment outside of a proper trial is not recommended.

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