Promoting MS research in the corporate boardroom

26 May, 2017

Boardroom lunches are a small intimate way to engage with key leaders and influencers in the philanthropic sector. As an organisation we try to utilise these pro bono opportunities to increase the awareness of MS research and provide updates on the latest MS research success.

At the last Boardroom event we were lucky enough to have the chance to share an exciting breakthrough in MS research. Professor Gilles Guillemin and Dr Edwin Lim presented on their discovery of the world-first blood test, which will be able to distinguish the difference between MS subtypes.

They also highlighted and gave an impassioned presentation on the current funding challenges in the domain of medical research in Australia, whilst detailing the steps that were involved in attaining their research breakthrough. It was great to hear about the blood, sweat and tears that goes in to getting a discovery in the lab to patients at the bedside. It can be a very long and arduous process.

This was a really well attended event, which is a great representation of MS Research Australia’s success and following from the broader audience. The leaders in the philanthropic sector that attended included; Greg Hutchinson AM from The Paul Ramsay Foundation, Carla Zampatti AC – the fashion icon, who has her own Foundation and well known philanthropy leader, Jillian Segal AM from the Yarranabee Foundation, along with many other key stakeholders.

It was agreed that MS Research Australia needs to be proactive in solving the desperate funding lull for MS research nationally . There were some insightful and incredibly knowledgeable suggestions made by the attendees.

Mez Gallifuoco is one of our most valued and key Ambassador’s, who has MS, she is always eager to get involved and represent MS Research Australia. It was greatly appreciated that Mez could attend given a very busy work schedule of her own.

Thanks again to our host and MS Research Australia Leadership Council Member, Gordon Cairns, and the team at Origin Energy for hosting this event completely pro bono. We could never have put on such an occasion without them.

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