Research Report – Ep12. AusImmune Longitudinal Study

20 March, 2019

About this episode – AusImmune Longitudinal Study

In this episode we speak to Professor Bruce Taylor who is carrying out a research project called the AusImmune Longitudinal study which has been running since 2003 as the AusImmine study and continues to follow 80% of the original participants to the present day.

The study looks at the effects of the environment, personal behaviours, genetics and treatment on the onset and progression of MS.

In this video Professor Taylor outlines the research study in more detail and discusses practical applications of the findings of the study so far that people with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) or MS may wish to consider.

Watch the video to find out more.

About Professor Bruce Taylor

Professor Bruce Taylor is Professor of Neurological Research based at the University of Tasmania Menzies Institute for Medical Research. He has spent his career to date in both clinical practice and academia and since being appointed as a principal research fellow at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in Hobart in 2007, has  established the ongoing Tasmanian Genes and Prevalence study, become an executive member of the Australian & New Zealand MS genes consortium (ANZGENE) funded by MS research Australia and an ARC linkage grant, established the NHMRC funded AUSLONG and AUSLONG2 studies, become an executive member of the Australian & New Zealand NMO study, become a steering committee member of the international MS genetic consortium, and established and obtained funding for the PREvention of MS with Vitamin D Australia & New Zealand (PREVANZ) study funded by MS research Australia ($3.5 million).

Find out more on the AusImmune and Ausimmune Longitudinal Study.

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