A pirouette to Kiss Goodbye to MS

21 September, 2019

One of our Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraisers explains what motivated her to host an event to raise money for vital MS research.

Hi, my name is Cathy Atkin, I am 58 years old and have been living with MS for approximately 15 years. This year, I decided to support Kiss Goodbye to MS by hosting my very own fundraiser to raise much-needed funds for MS research.

Due to the amazing researchers here in Australia and globally developing new medications, I am able to live a relatively normal life. Exercise is a very important part of my life, and I am so grateful to have found a local ballet studio that not only has made ballet an all-time favourite hobby of mine, but ballet has helped me to become stress-free and more balanced.

Over a cup of coffee, my ballet teacher and I, came up with a great idea to host a fun ballet dance class and afternoon tea. It was to not only raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS but also to raise awareness of this ‘silent disease’. What better way to host an exciting fundraiser than to get a group of ladies within the community to come together for a great cause and try something new!

I spoke to my family and friends about my fundraiser and they were nothing but proud and thrilled to support me. A lady at my local aged-care facility that I volunteer at has MS, and the feedback I received was incredible. It’s the best feeling to know that I am on the right track and what I’m doing is having such a positive impact on the people around me.

Throughout this whole experience of organising this fundraiser, it’s been very rewarding to be able to speak to so many people about MS. For someone who’s been living with MS for so many years, I still don’t feel there is enough awareness about this disease. I love that I am able to share my experience and help people be aware of what MS is.

For all the people who would love to get involved and fundraise for Kiss Goodbye to MS, you really don’t need to be experienced in fundraising. You just need to come up with an idea (new, old or re-invented!), find the right support and put in the time to make it work!

Whether you choose to run in a fun run, host a bake sale, shave your head or put on a garage sale you have the power to be as creative as you like! If you’re thinking of putting together an event like me, my best suggestion would be to set a fundraising goal and speak to the Kiss Goodbye to MS team! Know how much you would like to raise so that your supporters also know and can help you achieve it! Give yourself enough time to put the event into action. Most importantly, have fun with it! It never feels like hard work when you enjoy what you’re doing, especially for a cause you’re passionate about.

My teacher has been very supportive from the start and it helps to have someone there who is also excited and enthusiastic about putting together this event.

I hope that one day there will be a cure for MS!

I encourage you to get in touch with Kiss Goodbye to MS on 1300 785 717 to learn more about how to put on a successful fundraiser or if you’ve got an idea and are ready to get started, sign up by visiting kissgoodbyetoms.org and create your fundraising page!

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