22 July, 2021

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi have advised that their MS disease modifying therapy Aubagio will be delisted from the Australian market from October 2021.

stem cells
19 July, 2021

Australian researchers and disease-based charities are working together to promote and simplify access to evidence-based stem cell therapies in Australia.

FDA Backs Development of Blood Biomarker for Clinical Trials in Progressive MS
02 July, 2021

The FDA’s Letter of Support will stimulate studies that advance development and validation of Nfl as a biomarker to speed clinical trials in progressive MS.

15 June, 2021

MS Research Australia is currently funding 62 research projects covering a range of MS research priorities, including causes and prevention, better treatments and reversal of disability through repair or regeneration of cells.

medicinal cannabis ms
15 June, 2021

There are currently two observational trials in medicinal cannabis currently underway in Australia. Visit our MS Trials website to find out more.

clinical trials day
20 May, 2021

Today is Clinical Trials Day and we would like to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. We would also like to spotlight the vital role that clinicians and researchers play in conducting this life-changing research.

AMSLS dietary habits and employment outcomes
16 March, 2021

New Australian research showcases the continuing work of the Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) investigating dietary habits and employment outcomes.

Progressive MS - Scientists reading report
16 February, 2021

Updates from the International Progressive MS Alliance highlight progress and strategic plans to advance effective treatments for progressive MS.

24 November, 2020

Additional medical conditions can worsen MS symptoms and are an important target for intervention to improve quality of life for people with MS

ms medication successful
24 November, 2020

Another new medication for relapsing remitting MS has proved successful in clinical trials and gained approval for use in the US.

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