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15 April, 2019

The European medical regulatory body has announced a safety review of alemtuzumab (Lemtrada), an approved medication for relapsing […]

15 April, 2019

Brain tissue can be split into two kinds, grey matter (mainly nerve cell bodies and branching connections) and […]

15 April, 2019

Studies suggest that anywhere from 52% up to 90% of people with MS experience fatigue, with most describing […]

15 April, 2019

People often wonder how they can be involved and help out with MS research. One way is by […]

red meat
12 April, 2019

Non-processed red meat consumption has been linked with reduced risk of MS according to a new study suggesting it may have a protective effect against developing MS.

stem cells research report
11 April, 2019

Dr Natalie Payne explains her stem cell project looking at cell based therapeutics to treat MS in our latest Research Report video.

27 March, 2019

New MS medication siponimod has received approval in the United States for use in people with relapsing forms of MS which includes active secondary progressive MS.

food allergies and MS relapses
26 March, 2019

A possible link between food allergies and MS relapses has been found in a study comparing people with MS who have food allergies and those who don't.

early treatment better outcomes
25 March, 2019

A new study has shown that early intensive treatment for MS gives better outcomes than starting on a moderately effective therapy and escalating to stronger medication.

20 March, 2019

2019 is an important milestone for MS Research Australia as it marks 15 years dedicated to MS research and significantly changing the MS landscape.

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