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04 September, 2019

Secondary progressive MS, a form of MS that can follow on from relapsing remitting MS, currently has no […]

26 August, 2019

The PBAC has recommended the PBS criteria for two existing MS medications, Gilenya and Tysabri, be broadened which would allow reimbursement for young people with MS.

20 August, 2019

Australian researchers used cognitive eye movement tasks and MRI to look at changes in cognition and brain activity in people with CIS

20 August, 2019

Up to 65% of people with MS report difficulties with thinking and memory, but many cognitive tests cause […]

20 August, 2019

Previous research suggests that opicinumab treatment might enhance remyelination. Results from a phase 2 clinical trial testing the […]

19 August, 2019

There is growing evidence that lifestyle factors may impact the onset or progression of MS, and that adolescence […]

18 August, 2019

Professor David Booth is carrying out a project looking at how the combination of someone's genetics and vitamin D may influence the risk of getting MS.

survival of myelin producing cells
17 July, 2019

An Australian research team supported by MS Research Australia has developed a non-invasive method to boost the production of myelin in the brain.

fats genes and MS progression
17 July, 2019

Five genetic changes related to fat levels in the blood have been found that may contribute to disability progression in MS.

17 July, 2019

Watch Associate Professor Justin Rubio explain how he is looking at changes in DNA in brain cells to discover more about progressive MS.

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