26 October, 2020

Mayzent (siponimod) the first MS medication approved for secondary progessive MS in Australia, has been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

lifestyle guide for MS
27 August, 2020

Australian experts have teamed up with MS Research Australia to build an evidence-based lifestyle guide to help people living with MS.

messenger molecules, ms risk genes and a potential new diagnosis tool
14 July, 2020

Two MS Research Australia funded research groups are investigating the role of messenger molecules and uncovering how genes increase the risk of ms.

super charging mitochondria - potential pathway to treat progressive ms
14 July, 2020

New research from the International Progressive MS Alliance discovers a way nerve fibres protect themselves from damage.

how do people experience living with ms
14 July, 2020

Scientists combined and summarised 77 scientific papers exploring the experiences of people with MS. Five common themes emerged. […]

three MS treatments
03 February, 2020

Three MS treatments will be considered for inclusion on the PBS at a PBAC meeting in March – nabiximols (Sativex), siponimod (Mayzent), ozanimod (Zeposia).

13 December, 2019

MS Research Australia has funded six new MS studies totalling almost $150,000 in the first round of incubator […]

13 December, 2019

Associate Professor Kaylene Young and Professor Bruce Taylor are working towards new discoveries that may provide treatments to […]

13 December, 2019

The MS Research Australia biennial Progress in MS Research Conference was recently held in Melbourne. Over 150 MS […]

12 December, 2019

A great way to stay up-to-date on the latest progress in MS research is by joining us in cyber-space […]

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