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healthy lifestyle lower depression
28 June, 2019

People with MS who maintain a healthy diet experience lower levels of depression than those who don’t according to new Australian research.

Dr Ai-Lan Nguyen
27 June, 2019

Dr Ai-Lan Nguyen explains how she is measuring brain volume using MRI in people with MS in our latest Research Report video.

secret agents fighting MS
22 May, 2019

Monoclonal antibodies or 'mabs' for short, are the secret agents revolutionising modern medicine and being used to treat various conditions including MS.

EBV infection and MS risk genes
22 May, 2019

New Australian research has found a link between EBV infection and MS risk genes which will enhance understanding of the role of EBV at a cellular level.

genetic links with vitamin D
22 May, 2019

Study shows significant overlap between vitamin D ‘super enhancers’ (genetic enhancers which proteins bind to when vitamin D is present) and MS risk genes.

Dr Yuan Zhou
22 May, 2019

Dr Yuan Zhou explains his work looking at sex chromosomes in MS with the IMSGC our latest Research Report video. Watch here >

15 April, 2019

The European medical regulatory body has announced a safety review of alemtuzumab (Lemtrada), an approved medication for relapsing […]

15 April, 2019

Brain tissue can be split into two kinds, grey matter (mainly nerve cell bodies and branching connections) and […]

red meat
12 April, 2019

Non-processed red meat consumption has been linked with reduced risk of MS according to a new study suggesting it may have a protective effect against developing MS.

stem cells research report
11 April, 2019

Dr Natalie Payne explains her stem cell project looking at cell based therapeutics to treat MS in our latest Research Report video.

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