18 April, 2018

MS Research Australia is very excited to be bringing together experts from all corners of the MS community […]

3D printing to help MS
19 October, 2017

A small clinical trial of clemastine fumarate, a common, over-the-counter allergy medication, has been conducted in people with […]

28 June, 2017

We are very pleased to announce a renewed commitment to MS Research Australia of $825,000 from the Commonwealth […]

28 June, 2017

In MS the immune system damages cells in the central nervous system (the brain, spinal cord or optic […]

28 June, 2017

Our blood brain barrier is an amazing part of the body that keeps the brain and spinal cord […]

27 June, 2017

About a decade ago, MS Research Australia identified that a significant factor limiting progress in MS research was […]

15 June, 2017

Why do some people with relapsing remitting MS eventually transition to the secondary progressive phase but others do […]

15 June, 2017

Ms Katherine Sanders from Bond University QLD has recently completed her MS Research Australia PhD scholarship investigating the […]

19 January, 2017

MS Research Australia is delighted to announce a further $1.5 million in research funding for grants commencing in […]

08 December, 2016

You are not as old as you think you are! We often think that our bodies are static, […]

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