National Collaborations

MS Research Australia works with the broader national and international scientific and health professional community to identify key scientific questions that no one researcher can solve in isolation.

To address these questions we help support and fund major national collaborations, what we call ‘Platforms’, to accelerate progress in these key areas of Australian research strengths. This ensures that we complement the world-wide research effort without duplication, fund a highly focused initiative with clear goals and timeframes and identify potential obstacles and solutions to overcome them quickly.

These are often major bodies of work that other funding agencies don’t have the right grant mechanisms to fund or consider ‘too risky’ to fund, but have the potential to yield the greatest outcomes for people with MS. MS Research Australia’s Platforms approach has changed the way MS researchers can do MS research in Australia.


ANZgene is a major genetics collaboration across Australia and New Zealand looking for genes involved in susceptibility and progression of MS.



Ausimmune/AusLong is an ongoing multi-centre study investigating the environmental factors which potentially trigger MS.


Australian AHSCT MS Register

MS Research Australia is coordinating and funding the Australian MS AHSCT Register to gather data and monitor the outcomes of the cases of AHSCT for MS in Australia.



InforMS is an online MS Portal being developed to improve healthcare for people with MS.


MS Research Australia Brain Bank

The MS Research Australia Brain Bank coordinates the collection, storage and distribution of neurological tissue from people with MS for use in research.


MS Research Australia Clinical Trials Network

The MS Research Australia Clinical Trials Network connects trial sponsors and clinical research organisations with potential trial sites, health professionals and people with MS in Australia and New Zealand.


Proteomics of MS

Proteomics of MS was a major national MS collaboration which developed proteomics tools to examine the role of proteins in the development and progression of MS.


The Australian MS Longitudinal Study

The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) is a long-term, survey-based, tracking study collecting data of practical use for improving the lives of Australians living with MS.


Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial - PrevANZ

The vitamin D MS Prevention Trial is a clinical trial that will test whether vitamin D supplementation can prevent MS in those at risk of developing the disease.



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