Global Collaborations

MS Research Australia works with the broader international scientific and health professional community to identify key scientific questions that no one researcher can solve in isolation.

International Progressive MS Alliance

The International Alliance is a global initiative to end progressive MS. It is bringing together the world’s leading experts and MS organisations to drive the research agenda and fund research to accelerate solutions for people living with progressive forms of MS.

MS Research Australia is a managing member of the Alliance. Key staff are representatives on a variety of committees including;  the Executive Committee which is responsible for the oversight, strategic intent, and governance of the global collaborative, the Scientific Steering Committee, and the Fundraising and Communications committee.

The International Progressive MS Alliance is the most successful MS research Alliance in our history.


MS International Federation (MSIF)

The MS International Federation is a global network of MS organisations who bring the world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

MS Research Australia works closely and a number of the executive staff hold significant positions on the Board and committee roles within MSIF. Our Kiss Goodbye to MS team co-lead the global team for the worldwide rollout of the campaign with MSIF.


The International MS Genetics Consortium

The International MS Genetics Consortium is a collaborative effort between a multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and molecular biologists working on large scale genetic projects with worldwide involvement to identify the genes that influence a person’s susceptibility to developing MS and the progression of disease.

MS Research Australia has played a significant part in the global consortium for the better part of a decade.


MS Brain Health

MS Brain Health is calling for a radical change in the management of MS because time matters at every stage of the disease. The MS Brain Health initiative has emerged from an evidence-based international consensus report, which recommends a strategy to maximize lifelong ‘brain health’.

MS Research Australia has fully endorsed this initiative and our Scientific Conference Convenor Professor Helmut Butzkueven along with our International Research Review Board member, Professor Gavin Giovannoni are key players in this global initiative.


Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye to MS is the only fundraising campaign that has united the worldwide MS community and organisations to fundraise purely for MS research, with the goal of kissing Goodbye to MS once and for all.

MS Research Australia is the founder of Kiss Goodbye to MS and co-leads the global coordination of the campaign with now 14 countries involved.


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