Incubator Grant Led to Potential Diagnostic Blood Test for MS
Australia Becomes Second Country to Approve Ocrelizumab for Primary Progressive MS
5 patents as result of ms research australia funding
54+ leading universities and research institutions funded
09 March, 2018

Three international studies have shown that lifetime sun exposure effects the risk of developing MS as well as […]

brain donation costs
08 March, 2018

Unlike most available MS medications which suppress or modify the immune system, immunotherapies aim to ‘re-educate’ the cells […]

05 March, 2018

Drug companies, AbbVie and Biogen have initiated a voluntary global withdrawal of the relapsing MS medication Zinbryta (daclizumab). […]

The Australian MS Longitudinal Study

The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) is a long-term, survey-based, tracking study collecting data of practical use for improving the lives of Australians living with MS.

MS Research Australia Clinical Trials Network

The MS Research Australia Clinical Trials Network connects trial sponsors and clinical research organisations with potential trial sites, health professionals and people with MS in Australia and New Zealand.

Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial - PrevANZ

The vitamin D MS Prevention Trial is a clinical trial that will test whether vitamin D supplementation can prevent MS in those at risk of developing the disease.

MS Research Australia Brain Bank

The MS Research Australia Brain Bank coordinates the collection, storage and distribution of neurological tissue from people with MS for use in research.

Associate Professor Sarah Spencer
RMIT University, VIC



Professor Georges Grau
University of Sydney, NSW



Dr Bennet McComish
Menzies Institute for Medical Research, TAS



Ms Nicole Fewings
Westmead Institute for Medical Research, NSW



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